I can’t stop sniffing the stuff. Please help!

Calling all bibliophiles! Any advice to stop a constant sniffer?

Any book, new or old, I can’t break the habit of sniffing the pages. Do you suffer with this as well? Any advice?

Whether it’s the smell of oak, coffee, muskiness, or a more unidentifiable modern whiff, my nostrils are trained to somehow absorb the book more fully than simply reading it. And I know I’m not alone…

So come on, show of hands! Who’s with me? And how can we stop this epidemic?

Or do we have to?

And the looks I get! I’m now doing my book sniffing in cubicles like some kind of drug addict. And I’ve started sniffing my Kindle!

Got to go… about to start reading an old dusty book and need to make sure nobody’s looking while I give the inside pages a quick whiff!