Every Batman needs…

19756858_1401798489869031_3655569996234096968_n… a Robin actually. Someone to reflect and challenge your thoughts and ideas. Someone who compliments you.

But that’s for another time.

However, it does lead me nicely on to my partner-in-crime Jen Allen. Jen’s new print range is now available and can be viewed here; https://goo.gl/4E5BFV From Jen’s publishers DeMontfort Fine Art ‘Jen Allen has surpassed herself with her new releases – a pair of outstanding limited editions featuring iconic superhero Batman and his villainous nemesis, the Joker. Her ‘Silent Guardian’ offers a serious exploration of the dark romance of Bruce Wayne’s heroic alter-ego, while the Joker, who is often portrayed wearing a wicked smile, is shown as a genuinely menacing personality. Intensity of character and atmosphere seeps out of every brushstroke, demonstrating precisely why Jen has achieved her enormous worldwide success.’

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