I’ve an amazing idea… now what?

When inspiration strikes, what is the best way to proceed?

Write it down! The secret of the notebook. Not tapping it into a phone. No, no, no.

Why write it down? The actual process of writing your idea cements it into your thinking. But that’s only Step 1 in bringing ideas to life.

Shortly, we’ll look at Step 2. But for now, always, always carry a notebook and pen. Be like Columbo! (Except don’t always ask to borrow a pencil.) Keep a notebook by the bed, in the WC and in the car. And of course in your coat pocket, jacket pocket and jeans pocket.

Ideally, make it the same notebook. Saves money and time when it comes to Step 2:)

If you want to get things done and bring ideas to life; get a notebook (and pen).