Month: July 2017


It’s all in the mind.

It’s all in the mind. For most ideas that’s where they stay. Sadly. A few posts ago I talked about the importance of carrying a notebook and pencil with you everywhere you go. Plus, keeping one by the bed (how come those best ideas come right on the edge of

Paving over nature.

One of my favourite books is Mystery School. A collection of essays on magic, ritual and philosophy, it is a document of the work being done by the founder Jeff McBride and the faculty at the Mystery School in Las Vegas. I’m delighted to play my small part in their

What’s your excuse?

Have a look at the image. What do you think the No. 1 excuse is that people use for never chasing their dreams? Any guesses? I’ve spoken in the past to so many people who have shown admiration (bless ’em!) for the way I’ve always created an income stream (or

Go on, be afraid. I dare you.

Really? Every day? It’s not hard once you give it a go. Now, this isn’t saying ‘live dangerously’, or ‘do illegal stuff’. No, no. Rather, what might you do in your daily routine that you would perhaps never consider, or maybe have thought about but not done? Could be life-changing,

I can’t stop sniffing the stuff. Please help!

Calling all bibliophiles! Any advice to stop a constant sniffer? Any book, new or old, I can’t break the habit of sniffing the pages. Do you suffer with this as well? Any advice? Whether it’s the smell of oak, coffee, muskiness, or a more unidentifiable modern whiff, my nostrils are

I’ve just taken a breath. Please review me…

I’ve just taken a breath. Please review me…   Sounds mental doesn’t it? But this is becoming the norm. Why does everything have to be reviewed these days? In the last 24 hours I have been asked to review a customer service rep from LinkedIn who couldn’t actually help me,

Every Batman needs…

… a Robin actually. Someone to reflect and challenge your thoughts and ideas. Someone who compliments you. But that’s for another time. However, it does lead me nicely on to my partner-in-crime Jen Allen. Jen’s new print range is now available and can be viewed here; From Jen’s publishers DeMontfort Fine

I’ve an amazing idea… now what?

When inspiration strikes, what is the best way to proceed? Write it down! The secret of the notebook. Not tapping it into a phone. No, no, no. Why write it down? The actual process of writing your idea cements it into your thinking. But that’s only Step 1 in bringing

I’m a L.A.

I’m a List Addict. There. It’s out. Phew. Usually we all sit round in a circle and ‘come out’. Not pens or pads allowed. Listers Anonymous. The irony is us LA’s at LA have an ordered schedule of business (e.g. a list) so we can’t escape them completely. And neither