Anything can happen…

Anything_Can_Happen_ThursOne of the things that brings a smile to my face over the Brexit debate (one of the few things given the dilemma of the topic!) is the constant line ‘we need certainty’. The ONLY certainty in life is uncertainty. Everything is uncertain. We often fall for the illusion of certainty. But it is just that. An illusion.

So, given things are uncertain, here’s a way to provide¬†uncertainty in your everyday life. Inspired from The Big Bang Theory’s ‘Anything Can Happen Thursday’s’, my girlfriend Jen and I have created this as a permanent feature in our weekly schedule. Each Thursday morning we pick a slip from the ACHT jar (see photo) and whatever it says, we do.

So what’s on those slips? Anything! From going for a bike ride, to a full-on day activity; visiting an attraction, exploring new places and more. We add the ideas as they come to us (without telling each other) and drop them in the jar.

First one picked out last Thursday was to visit a palmist and have our fortune’s told! Ironic given my surname.

So, what can you do to embrace uncertainty and bring spontaneity into your life?