Article 50

Shhh… don’t tell anyone. Here’s an advanced preview of my 50th article for MagicSeen magazine. It’s a satirical political piece (hence the title here!) from the forthcoming issue of MagicSeen published at the world’s biggest magic convention later this month. Now, if you’re not a magician, much won’t make sense to you… but a quick overview is that I have merged the titles of famous magic tricks with current famous politicians. I call it ‘PoliTricks’.

The tricks are:

The Farrow Shuffle – a magical shuffle with playing cards. Card in Walnut – a signed card appears inside a walnut. ACAAN – Any Card At Any Number; a freely chosen playing card appears at a freely chosen number in the deck. Silk to Egg – a silk handkerchief changes into an egg. Hamman Count – a special false count using cards. Vanishing Cola Bottle (self explanatory). Three Card trick AKA Find The Lady (self explanatory). Chameleon Cards – colour changing cards. Wrist Chopper – a persons wrist is magically penetrated by a steel blade. Ambitious Card – a card repeatedly rises to the top of the deck by magic. Dippy Duck – a classic magic prop made famous by Tommy Cooper. Zombie AKA The Floating Ball (self explanatory).

With that secret knowledge imparted, enjoy PoliTricks!