Can a magician be fooled?

You know a magic trick is good when you show it to a few pro’s (our term for Professional Magicians, although am sure it applies to all manner of trades) and they scratch their heads and ask you, heaven forbid, to break the golden rule of magic and repeat it. Working with one of my close magic mentors, a spiffing chap called Mark Leveridge, we throw ideas back and forth regarding simple but effective magic tricks for our beginner audience of magicians to learn at the magic school. I read an idea in a book for a mind-reading trick. Mark played with the little tinker and came back with a new idea which fooled me badly. And we think we know it all! And now we’ve made it available for our members to learn. But here’s a link to a cheeky little demo if you want to know what all my fuss is about. (Trust me, after spending most of my waking life with magic, tricks and magicians, it is very rare to be fooled by something which appears so innocent.) OK, you probably will wonder just why the fuss… but should you like it and want to learn, then do join the magic school today. A new year’s hobby, even a career change, may await you.

But can you make money from being a magician? When I tell people I am a magician, they usually reply with the customary ‘Aw, how brave. Kids parties is it?’ Well, our current Magic-Hero in the UK is Dynamo who I believe netted (before tax etc) £18 million in 2015/16.

Maybe someone learning at our school will be the next Dynamo?! If so, and you need a manager…