matchbox magic!

monthlyfreetrick_facebook-bannerMark Leveridge is a professional magician and has been a mentor and dear friend of mine since I was around 8 years young. One of the great perks of shooting new videos for Marvin’s Magic School is collaborating with Mark to devise new pieces of magic for beginners that embody the fundamental techniques that every good magician should begin with. This month our free trick was devised by Mark and features him performing and explaining a miracle matchbox piece of magic. Even at this beginners stage, it is still of paramount importance to practice, practice, practice, and begin to understand that to deceive an intelligent adult audience takes great skill and clever thinking.

I’ve often thought that a modern adult audience would perhaps be more impressed to see how the magician manages to create the appearance of magic, as the techniques, skills and psychology involved often far outweighs what appears to be a simple magic trick.

However, one of the tenets of magic is to never reveal the secret! Am I being hypocritical then by running an online magic school? I feel not, as without wannabe magicians having somewhere and someone knowledgeable to turn to to learn the basic skills of this fascinating craft, then they often resort to YouTube and pick-up bad habits and poor technique. So, if you want to learn the correct way to do magic, then join Marvin’s Magic School today and learn the free magic matchbox trick right now. Oh, and if you do, please keep the secret!