magic meets medicine!

So, what has a magician got to do with the medical profession? Actually, there’s a lot of cross-over. Magic used for therapy, magicians as healers and much, much more. But this occasion was my first dabble with organising a medical conference. ‘Osteopathic Philosophy & Principles in Practice’ took place on October 7th & 8th, presented by my friend Walter McKone. Walter is one of the world’s leading practitioners and authors in his field of medical expertise and I was thrilled when he approached me to use my expertise (a-hem!) to organise and market his first UK seminar.

Walter lectures worldwide to other medical professionals, and we’re now working on establishing his brand in the UK marketplace. With a ticket price reflective of his experience, an enthusiastic group of professionals traveled from across Europe to attend the event which took place near London.

The feedback has been amazing, and we’re now working on Walter’s next medical conference in Spring 2017, plus a new book aimed at the mainstream market.

Exciting times.