Month: October 2016


Charity Magician – no fee required

It was with delight I chanced upon a magician in Washington D.C. called Phil Telfeyan. Phil markets himself as a charity magician, sharing his skills and passion for magic free of charge to raise money for good causes. I interview Phil as part of my Magic Moments series of articles,

wundre coming 2017

Really excited to be launching a new range of high-end luxury furniture in 2017. Inspired by magic & illusion, I’ve designed the first few pieces to be sure-fire talking points, that will add class and clout in any setting. Made to the highest standards by Master Craftesmen in the UK, Wundre

magic meets medicine!

So, what has a magician got to do with the medical profession? Actually, there’s a lot of cross-over. Magic used for therapy, magicians as healers and much, much more. But this occasion was my first dabble with organising a medical conference. ‘Osteopathic Philosophy & Principles in Practice’ took place on

I know what i did last summer…

…I wrote a kids book. A magic, fantasy novel. It blends magic (both natural and conjuring) with the ‘Hero’s Journey’, good vs. evil, a bit of life philosophy thrown in for good measure, and… well, it’s got a few extra surprises I’ll hold back on here. The story is the