Monthly free tutorial at the magic school

One of the projects I’ve set up that gives me lasting pleasure is my collaboration with Marvin’s Magic, the world’s most renowned magic set manufacturer. I had the idea of doing an online magic school to teach those wishing to learn some basic and easy-to-master magic tricks using everyday objects some solid foundations in the vast art of magic. With YouTube having no vetting, I was often being shown tricks from folks who have learned via YouTube and as such had learned bad habits, which you then can’t unlearn. My idea was to have a platform that was accessible to all, not to expose magic secrets, but rather have a very competitive subscription price for interested people to learn some amazing beginners level magic.

As part of the magic school, we offer a monthly video taken from our online Premium Member’s tutorials for our free members to learn. This allows those who are not in a position to purchase a yearly subscription the opportunity to learn and share the joy of magic.

The magic school is now the world’s number one online platform to learn magic for beginners, and we have an ‘online magic set’ of over 80 tutorials and special features. We add new tutorials periodically for our Premium Members.

If you wish to learn an amazing magic trick right now, then head on over to Marvin’s Magic School and sign up for free today!

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