Note to self…

OK, OK, it’s not an excuse to say ‘where has the time gone?’. Looking back it’s been a long time since I’ve updated the website blog. Not to say other forms of social media haven’t been updated either! So, blog is back on the monthly ‘to-do’ list.

So, a summary of updates (not everything, just things that have come to mind… well, let’s just take one thing…)


The online home of social earning. I’ve been invited by the board (since May 2015) to work closely with them and head up their creative content. We’re bringing many of our own exciting events to the platform (and many have already happened). Stay up-to-date here for all Ginicam activity. Even today, as I type, Barry Cryer – the legend himself – is being broadcast live on from the world-renowned London Hippodrome in London’s Leicester Square. Interviewed by the incredibly talented Kev Orkian (one of the world’s leading comedy pianists) and raising money for The Grand Order of Water Rats.

We’ve hosted the first Marvin’s Magic School LIVE globally on Ginicam, hosted by yours truly. We had folks on from USA, Canada, UK and across Europe. All learning the real secret to becoming a great magician.

Ginicam allows the anyone to openly share talent with everyone. It’s truly pioneering technology and another great space to play creatively.