Is the internet killing start-up tours?

Nearly 2000 miles in 6 days and finally the EP support tour of The Pressure Cell’s Fragile Things comes to an end. A lot of fun was had on the road, touring with The Last Carnival (and great to see a young band with real get-up-and-go about them too), The Colliers and other local support acts. So, that’s the positive fun stuff. Goes without saying on a rock tour!

In today’s digital age though, is it still viable and appropriate for bands to go on tour? The headline acts in big arenas still have box-office status. With new bands starting up nowadays, although the internet gives them a platform for growing their fan-base and opportunities for promotion and sales without having a major label behind them, is it still viable to tour?

With many things going digital, is touring and watching live shows soon going to mean they’re online too? Only time will tell. I hope not though. Seeing a band live, or any entertainment for that matter, creates an atmosphere that TV and internet cannot get near to matching.

So, long live the tour! Check out for pics and musings from on the road. And news of their next tour… we are definitely going to stay on the road! Rock on! (Progressively though all the same)