Orphan Appeal

Magic Moments update: We are working with the Zimbabwe WI to bring magic to the orphans and Magic Moments needs your help. We’ve all got a trick or two tucked away in a drawer that we no longer use. Please take your unwanted magic tricks (and please make sure they have instructions with them), grab a jiffy bag, copy the following address on it, whack on a stamp, and on your lunch break bung it in a letter box, smiling knowing you’ve helped bring a moment of magic into somebody’s life. Getting parcels through to the children in this country is difficult and dangerous and we are working closely with our contacts who ensure that the gifts you send will reach the orphaned children. Sue Van Neikerk, from Kariba, Zimbabwe emailed¬†‘ …this is very exciting! Of course the children could do with a bit of magic in their lives!’ We’re often asked by magicians how they can get involved with Magic Moments besides putting on an actual magic show, and this appeal is a great way to be part of it. Ideally, we’re looking for magic tricks that are not complex and that would be suitable for children from 6 – 18 years old. Email me to send your gift. We’ll be sending all of the donated magic tricks on this year’s Magic Moments Day which is Saturday 1st October. Thank you.